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How to Add a Touch of Brutalism to Your Home

A sneaky, brutalist-inspired sputnik chandelier adorns an otherwise traditional bedroom

Design: Hackett House Studio

One of my favorite things to do is take a really deep dive into a specific design style, especially one with a rich historic background like brutalism. Although I won't do a full historical explanation of how this design style came to be, My Domain has a great article with all of the notable details surrounding the birth of brutalist architecture.

Here's what you do need to know: Brutalism's main descriptors are raw and rough. This design style favors sharp edges, raw materials, aged metals, mechanical nuances, patinated finishes, and asymmetrical, organic forms. Perhaps today's most notable purveyor of this style is Kelly Wearstler. Her style has been described as sharp and evocative, and it's easy to see why.

Although beautiful and interesting, brutalism can evoke a feeling that is a bit uncomfortable. The sharp edges and mirrored, patinated surfaces don't exactly scream "curl up and read a book." However, I believe you can add subtle brutalist touches to your home in a way that's very palatable and still representative of this historic style's beauty and rich character. Let's look at some examples of how you can add subtle brutalist moments to your home!

Raw Concrete is Your Brutalist Best Friend

Design: Leanne Ford

Add a touch of brutalism to your home with elements of raw concrete. Whether it's a super sculptural coffee table, or repurposed concrete planter, this material epitomizes brutalist decor.

Opt for Pointy Edges

Design: Athena Calderone via her instagram, Eyeswoon

Lamps with sharp corners, and coffee tables with pointy legs are key brutalist features. Add jagged edges and watch the cool factor of your design skyrocket.

Play with Form

Design: Kelly Wearstler via Magazine C

When you want to add a bit of brutalism to your space, choose sculptural lighting and organic forms. Contrasting these items with a dichromatic color scheme enhances these item's ability to stand out and evoke a mechanical feel.

What do you think? Are you a fan of brutalism? Let me know in the comments!

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