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Follow me Down a Bathroom Rabbit Hole!

As I move forward with planning renovations for my home, I decided it was time to finally put together my thoughts for my guest bath and my master bath. I am purposefully doing both design boards at the same time so that I am intentionally creating a consistent and cohesive look throughout the house. This whole exercise was prompted when my slate tile for our front entryway finally arrived (after six weeks of waiting) and I realized that I wanted to use some of the same hard finishes throughout the house. It can be exciting and tempting to want to use completely different materials in each different space of your home, but that oftentimes hinders the creation of a cohesive home.

Since I am almost finished with the design boards for these two bathrooms, I figured I'd start by sharing my inspiration for the spaces. Whenever I start a new project, I always spend hours on Pinterest and Instagram getting inspired first. I study how materials are used, layouts, final touches and more. Below are the pictures that inspired me the most. Let me know in the comments if you have any predictions about the direction I'm heading, and if you notice anything cohesive and similar about these images!

Source: Cle Tile

Source: McGee & Co

Source: Pinterest (designer unknown)

Source: Pinterest (designer unknown)

Follow me on Pinterest to see what else is inspiring me and to see where the design process starts!

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