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Anatomy of a Design - Kate Marker Interiors

I have looked at and come back to this kitchen by Kate Marker Interiors SO many times... it's just THAT good. I will never not love a white kitchen, but I just think there are so many ways to give a white kitchen a little more character and add a bit of warmth. This kitchen does just that, and it's anything but your traditional white kitchen.

Kate Marker's designs are always marked by their incredible amount of detail, and this kitchen is no exception. In this installment of Anatomy of a Design, I'm going through what those details are and why they result in such an exceptional space.

  1. Pendants add curves and elegance - This space is very linear and symmetrical, so I love that the pendants break up the straight lines. They aren't technically curved per-se, but their diamond shape is just enough of a differentiation from the rest of the room. They are also so elegant with the brass detail and frosted glass, which makes the space feel so much more refined.

  2. Wood trim detail adds warmth -My favorite feature BY FAR of this kitchen is the wood trim detail around the far cabinets. White kitchens oftentimes fall flat because they are too white. With sprawling ceilings, this was such a smart way to make those cabinets look more built in, while also adding so much character.

  3. Open shelving with a twist - I love that these shelves aren't your standard floating shelves and are instead hung from the ceiling on a bracket system. They are the perfect detail to keep the space feeling open an airy, but still very homey and warm.

  4. Warm wood floors balance cool grey marble counters - Oftentimes when you see marble countertops with this much veining and detail, the floors and other finishes tend to match the tone so that the counters can stand out even more. In this design, Kate paired the cool-toned countertops with warm-toned wood floors which provided a great contrast and balance that really gives the space a cozy, approachable feel.

  5. Dual waterfall edges - Even when they are no longer trendy, I will still love a waterfall edge. They are just so darn sophisticated! I am downright envious of this space which has not ONE but TWO waterfall edges embracing the cabinets. Details, details!

What do you think of this space? Are there any important details I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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