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3 Steps to a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

I believe that a table should be as thoughtful as the menu. The ritual of gathering around a table and sharing a meal with the ones you love is made all-the-more special when the experience is enhanced by beautiful, elevated decor and a calming, seasonally-appropriate color palette.

I live for a beautiful tablescape. Each year, I get so excited to get out my grandmother's sterling silver flatware and all of my beautiful table linens. Over time, my collection of tabletop items has grown and I've had so much fun playing with different color palettes throughout the years.

Setting the scene for a memorable holiday meal does not have to be hard... or expensive. Here are three steps to creating a beautiful thanksgiving table.



A beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape begins with a decidedly fall color palette. This year, my palette consisted of brown, terracotta, sunset coral and peach. And, since texture is my favorite color, there are also elements of seagrass, iron, silver, brass, clay and crystal. Keeping the color palette simple but the materials dynamic makes for a feast for the eyes.



Vintage vessels at table center: Hackett House

The belles of the ball on this table are undoubtedly the vintage vessels that adorn the center. Here, I paired a Turkish terracotta amphora with a Moroccan confit pot. I love the way the their shapes and handles complement each other and how their imperfections from years of use add so much character. This pair of vessels brings an element of soft, understated luxury that is accentuated by the century-old brutalist iron candleabra. I like to think that my grandmother's sterling silver flatware is right at home here with decor items that are likely older than they are.

By the way, in case you're new here, these vessels are a part of our most recent product launch and retail arm, Hackett House. We source antique objects for the home with old world charm and new world style from around the globe and sell them as a part of monthly drops. To find out when our next drop is going to be, click here!



Beautiful flowers are kind of given at Thanksgiving and, don't get me wrong -- I still love them! But to add a little tension (my favorite word) I like to add both florals AND branches. The branches provide a more masculine, minimal detail that balances out an overly feminine floral. They also bring an sense of the change of the season indoors. Adding branches to your well-loved vessels feels like a way to celebrate their new-found life, and is stylish to boot. For florals, this year I'm absolutely loving simple, white roses.

By the way, I can't end this post without mentioning that these table linens were an Amazon find! They're such high quality, and even better in person than on a screen. I've loved block prints for as long as I can remember, but it never feels great to splurge on linens that you know are just going to end up stained and wrinkled. These are budget-friendly and, if you're reading this post the week of Thanksgiving, will likely still get to you on time. ;) Win-win!



Our next drop of vintage vessels and curated decor happens on November 12 in Columbus, OH. Follow us on Instagram for more details!

Click HERE to learn more.




Hackett House Studio is a full-service residential interior design studio. Using a combination of your exquisite taste and our creative know-how, we bring your vision of a beautiful and balanced home to life. Here at HHS, we use science-backed research to design carefully-styled spaces that have a positive influence on your health and wellbeing.Our processes have been carefully refined so that we can fully appreciate our clients' personalities and aspirations from the outset. After gaining an understanding of your goals and wishes, we get to work creating functional interiors that enhance our clients' quality of life. HHS designs are timeless, elevated, approachable and, most importantly, a reflection of the beauty and opportunity you desire to bring into your life.Click HERE to read about our services and submit your information in our project inquiry form.


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