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10 Questions with Mary Sommerfelt of Bryant Park and Anna Hardy of Stay Golden Collection

Get to know our vendor partners for our pop-up event on September 30!

Are you almost ready to SHOP THE DROP?! Our first ever product drop is just over a week away and we are getting EXCITED!

In case you missed it, we're dropping our first ever curated product line of vintage Turkish vessels (and more) on September 30, 2023. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Although you already know we'll be slinging the most gorgeous, vintage vessels money can buy... we're also thrilled to have two other amazing vendors joining us at the popup.

Read on to learn more about Mary of Bryant Park and Anna of Stay Golden Collection!


Mary Sommerfelt is the proud owner of Bryant Park and a self-proclaimed "serial creative." With a background in both corporate and small business settings, she has always known she wanted to create something of her own. Wardrobe and styling has been her passion since she can remember. In fact, it’s her biggest form of self-expression! Mary enjoys helping others feel confident and powerful through their own wardrobe and lives for connecting with other like-minded individuals. Owning Bryant Park has given her more opportunities than she could have ever imagined. Currently, Mary lives Dublin with her husband and son where she loves the convenience of walking to her favorite coffee shops and restaurants.

Keep reading for 5 Questions with Mary!

01 | Can you share Bryant Park’s origin story and why you focus on vintage clothing?

In 2014, I was interning in New York City and lived two blocks away from Bryant Park. I frequently found myself enjoying coffee and drawing inspiration from the park. It quickly became “my place,” and one day, I knew I wanted to have something of my own named after it.

I've always had a preference for clothing that's distinct from the mainstream. Vintage fashion allows you to incorporate unique pieces into your wardrobe, giving a new life to something of the past.

02 | You’ve been selling curated vintage goods out of your showroom and now you’re sourcing vintage pieces for established brands and retailers. Can you briefly share how your brand has evolved?

My favorite part of owning this business has been connecting with other like-minded individuals. I have always been super passionate about collaborating with other brands, creatives, stylists, etc. Sourcing for brands seemed like the perfect extension of what I love doing: sourcing vintage pieces and collaborating with other creatives. The most important thing to me is evolving in a way that always feels authentic to me, and moving the brand in this direction felt like a natural next step!

03 | Describe your style and how it influences the pieces you source?

I always describe my style as “sophisticated, but not too serious.” I create outfits with an elevated base and add something a bit more playful to balance it out. I started curating vintage predominantly in neutrals so that I could incorporate the pieces into my wardrobe seamlessly. I think my clients definitely recognize Bryant Park for the neutral color palette!

04 | What’s one piece you’re buying for fall to update your look?

Silk scarves! I have always adored a vintage silk scarf and they are going to be my go-to piece for fall. They’re so simple, and I love the feminine touch they add to any outfit. Not to mention, they’re functional: added warmth when tied around your neck, used to tie your hair up and out of your face, belted around your waist if you don’t want the bulk of a belt.

05 | What can people expect to see from you at the Hackett House Pop-Up?

A mix of my curated vintage pieces: statement jackets, blazers, cozy knits, denim, and some of my branded Bryant Park merchandise, including all things cozy and neutral for fall!




Anna is the owner of Stay Golden Collection, a permanent, claspless jewelry company based in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is the place Anna has called home since graduating from Ohio State. She doesn't like to crunch the numbers on how long that’s been... so we’ll just say it’s been long enough for her to fall in love with the amazing community that Columbus has to offer! Before she started Stay Golden Collection (SGC), she worked in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant. Anna and her husband have two kids, Vivian and Arnie. Arnie was born at the beginning of the pandemic and shortly after she was laid off from her corporate job. She wanted to create something of her own and being laid off finally gave her the opportunity to finally do it. Says Anna, "when life gives you lemons, make gold bracelets…or something like that!" That’s when Stay Golden Collection was born, and the rest is history!

Keep reading for 5 Questions with Anna!

01 | What inspired the creation of Stay Golden Collection?

Whether it was constantly making jewelry as a kid or collecting sentimental pieces along the way, jewelry has always been something that’s brought me so much joy. I love the happiness that jewelry brings to people and the way that pieces can hold so much meaning. I fell in love with the permanent jewelry concept immediately when I saw a blogger get a bracelet done years ago in Paris. At the time, the options for permanent jewelry in the states were slim to none. After being laid off, I brainstormed business ideas and I just knew that people here would love the permanent jewelry concept as well. I couldn’t sleep at night dreaming up what SGC would be.

02 | Could you provide an overview of permanent jewelry and offer insight into the experience of wearing and receiving it for those who might be new to the concept?"

Permanent jewelry is jewelry without a clasp or pieces that you don’t take on and off. We offer bracelets, anklets, necklaces and rings. In place of a clasp, we use a small ring to secure the ends of your piece. We put a micro weld in the ring so that it is sealed. It’s a quick and painless process. I always joke that the hardest part is choosing your chain from one of our twelve options. It’s great because you don’t have to worry about taking your pieces on and off and dealing with the hassle of a clasp. It has a more seamless look to it. You can feel fancy without trying. Because the pieces are all custom made, you can size them exactly how you want. A lot of people come to us because they can never find a bracelet or anklet that fits them right. It’s also such a fun experience for people to share together. Many people get them as friendship bracelets or to celebrate special milestones.

03 | Tell us about the materials you use. What makes them special?

We offer twelve solid 14k yellow and white gold chains. We feel passionately about this as it’s so important for the longevity of the pieces we create. They are water safe and do not tarnish. These are pieces you’re going to have on every day accompanying you through everything you do. You want something that you don’t have to baby or worry about. Nothing makes us happier than our clients coming back for more almost two years later and telling us that their pieces look the same as when they got them. We also offer round birthstone and baguette connectors that are set in solid 14k gold that can be added to any piece.

04 | Can you share any personal stories or testimonials from customers who wear your permanent jewelry?

It’s so exciting when people come back for more and we get to see their Collections grow. That’s the best testimonial we can get. That and the fact that my daughter has worn hers since she was three and just turned five. You know she’s not being careful with it. My favorite part of SGC is getting to hear the story and meaning behind each piece. People share their joyful and painful moments with us. Recently, a client was diagnosed with cancer and reached out as she wanted to transfer her bracelet to one of her bffs to wear. It was such a beautiful and emotional gesture. These pieces really are so much more than just jewelry.

05 | How can people shop Stay Golden Collection at the Hackett House Pop-Up?

Appointment times are encouraged to help people plan and avoid a wait, but we always accept walk-ins! We’ll share a link in our Instagram bio and on our website for people to book a spot beforehand if they’d like!



Get ready to SHOP THE DROP!

WHAT A pop-up retail event featuring an exceptional range of vintage and antique Turkish and Moroccan vessels, highly-curated vintage tabletop and wall decor, antique elm benches and stools, and DIY bouquets from a contemporary branch bar.

At Hackett House, you can find objects for the home with the perfect mix of old world charm and new world style.

Inventory is very limited, so arrive early and plan accordingly. Once items are gone, they won't be available again until the next drop!

WHEN Join us on Saturday, September 30 10am - 1pm

WHERE Zurie Studio 3477 North High Street Free Street Parking

ALSO FEATURING These amazing vendors will be joining us! Stay Golden Collection Bryant Park



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