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The Best Paint Color for Selling your Home

Although my clients come to me from all walks from of life and at all different stages of their projects, far and away the most common call I get is from families who have just moved into a new home. Sometimes these homes require full renovations and sometimes it's just furnishings, but there is one thing the have in common: they need new paint! The worst part is that, oftentimes, the house has JUST been painted by the previous owners who were dressing it up to sell it.

So, why do most of these homes need painted once I come in? The short answer is because most people are still going with grey walls and white trim. I hate to say it but, people -- we've moved on! Grey is out.

Additionally, in general people aren't picking shades of paint that are complimentary to their home. I can't tell you how often I've heard sellers admit that they went with "the color the Sherwin Williams guy suggested" and they didn't even test out a swatch on their wall (this is a HUGE designer no-no). Paint is SO dynamic and far from straightforward.

So, what is the best color to paint your home if you are selling? If you haven't already guessed it's ... drumroll please...white! Although white used to have the reputation of being stark and cold, people are now embracing white more and more for its versatility. While paint colors follow trends just like anything else in the design world, white paint has been used on the walls in museums for millenia. Therefore, you could argue that white is actually the most timeless shade of paint there is. Let's dig in!

All About White Paint

If you take away one piece of advice from this blog, let it be that you ditch the outdated grey-walls-and-white-trim and opt to paint your home white instead. Here are some tips to help you pick the best white paint for your home.

Best All-Around White

If your home is older, it most likely has smaller windows and lacks a ton of natural light. In this case, you might try Simply White by Benjamin Moore. It's the perfect all-around white and will look calming and even slightly creamy in a darker home.

Walls and trim: Simply White by Benjamin Moore | Design & Photo: Hackett House Studio

Walls and trim: Simply White by Benjamin Moore | Design: Studio McGee

Flip the Script

Although grey walls and white trim are out, the reverse of that is actually really beautiful and feels like a throwback to a traditional English cottage. This look that, which I'm loving absolutely loving right now, pairs a beautiful, creamy white wall with a beige or greige trim. Chris Love Julia did their home in Sherwin William's Alabaster on the walls, and accessible beige on the trim. The result is stunning!

Walls: Alabaster, Trim: Accessible Beige (both by Sherwin Williams) | Design: Chris Loves Julia

OG designer Amber Lewis did a similar look in her home. This contrast-trim look pairs especially well in homes with light flooring.

Walls: Figueroa Roman Clay, Trim: Piano Room (both by Portola Paints) | Design: Amber Interiors

You can even do this look if you have decorative molding and millwork...

Walls: Simply White, Trim and Millwork: Baby Fawn (both by Benjamin Moore) | Design: Content + Co

Brightest White

If you're ready to embrace the whitest white out there, Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore is a great choice. Aptly named, this shade it is a go-to for many designers. This white has an incredibly versatile, neutral undertone that won't make your space look too cool or too warm. It's frequently used in museums as its brightness is a great backdrop for artwork and it looks great in both modern and traditional homes alike.

Walls: Decorators White by Benjamin Moore | Design: Brigette Romanek

Are you ready to ditch the dated grey-walls and white-trim look in your home in favor of all white? Do you have a favorite go-to white paint you love to use? Let me know in the comments!

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