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The Best Natural Stone Slabs for an Organic, Earthy Kitchen

With so many amazing countertop materials on the market, it can be hard to decide what's going to be the best fit for your kitchen. Although natural stone slabs tend to require a little more maintenance, we try to use them whenever we can here at Hackett House Studio. Natural stone gives off a raw, earthy vibe that just can't be beat! But you don't have to sacrifice a refined look or a touch of glam when going natural.

Here is a list of our four favorite slabs to use in kitchens right now...

Taj Mahal Quartzite

Quartzite is a fan favorite stone for a number of reasons. It is the natural stone sister to quartz and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Quartzite is even said to be more durable than granite! Right now, we are loving Taj Mahal quartzite which features a beautiful, soft ivory finish with incredible warm beige, brown and gold veining. We prefer this stone in a brushed finish.

Here are a few facts you need to know about quartzite:

  • More durable than granite

  • Available in a variety of finishes, colors and patterns

  • Brushed stone is very hesitant to staining, watermarks and fingerprints

  • Brushed stone is more prone to scratching and etching than polished

  • Maintenance-wise, we recommend sealing once a year

Honed Black Granite

Honed (also called leathered) black granite is a beautiful option if you are going for a darker countertop. Granite is great because it is one of the most durable stones out there! Although many think granite is going out of style, that's not entirely true. There are still styles of granite that are very trendy and can look amazing in a new kitchen. Honed black granite is our go-to for a black countertop!

Here's why...

  • Granite is incredibly durable and resistant to etching and scratching

  • Black granite is particularly resistant to stains (or at least camouflaging them)

  • Granite is one of the most widely available stones, making it one of the most cost-effective natural stones out there

  • A leathered or honed finish has a wonderful raw texture that you will adore!

  • Seal yearly for best results

Calacatta Gold Marble

For those looking for more of a statement stone, look no further than calacatta gold marble. Although marble in general requires more maintenance and is easily the least durable of all stones, it's also arguably the most beautiful. This statement slab screams style and confidence.

Here are a few more details about this stone...

  • Depending on where you source your slab from, calacatta gold marble can actually be pretty understated. Some slabs are very neutral without much veining, but all will have some gold undertones

  • Etching, scratching and staining are some of the biggest problems with marble. Weekly maintenance with a stone sealer can help (you can find our favorite in the shopping carousel below)


Design: Leann Ford

This one is a bit trick because technically concrete is considered a man-made material. Another fun fact: concrete is the second most-consumed substance on earth after water (source). Crazy right?! Made of stone and adhesive , concrete has the raw, organic look and feel we strive for in a natural kitchen. And although many people might be willing to claim the concrete is going out of style, I couldn't disagree more! Concrete is incredibly versatile and, just like anything else, is simply evolving.

Here are few things to keep in mind with concrete...

  • Concrete is incredibly inexpensive, but make sure to use an experienced tradesperson when installing this material as a countertop. Experience is key!

  • One of the best parts of concrete is that it can be poured as if one big slab (read: no seams!)

  • Concrete is only food safe if properly sealed

  • Concrete is fairly durable but does patina over time. It's best to seal once or twice per year for best results


I would be delighted if you told me which one of these slabs is your favorite in the comments! And while you're here, shop all of my favorite natural stone decor from around the web.

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