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Project Reveal - Edington Road Transitional Living Room

When I first laid on this room (when it was empty, and the stone fireplace had just been redone) I knew it was going to be something special. Flanked by gorgeous, full-length, wall-to-wall sliding doors, this room is the kind of room that design dreams are made of. Although the rest of the home is still undergoing renovations, it was my client's priority to finish one space in their home so that they could relax (and see the light at the end of the long, narrow renovations tunnel).

Let's take a look at this gorgeous, transitional living room!

Because the fireplace was such a statement piece in the room, I knew that the furniture arrangement had to compliment it. We chose to go with four tufted velvet chairs around a stately Creama Marfil Beige marble coffee table. We placed the McGee & Co Daxton Settee at the head of the space. A settee was a better fit for this space (over a full-sized sofa or loveseat) because of the narrowness of the room.

The lighting in this room is really what elevates the space and softens some of the harshness brought in my by the doors and fireplace. I used a simple, understated brass candelabra-style chandelier. The shape of this chandelier has just enough of a modern twist on it that it doesn't feel dated, and yet it's perfectly classic and traditional in nature -- it's the kind of lighting that's going to last a generation (or more). The beautifully shaped sconces above the cased-openings leading to the hallway were the perfect way to tie in more that modern edge, while keeping the brass theme consistent and resonate. Another understated light fixture in the room is the floor lamp. It's so perfectly simple and yet so very detailed in nature. It fit with the theme of the space perfectly.

Beautiful textures and textiles were a must in this space. I employed a bit of pattern and textile mixing to bring interest to the space and really help it sing.

My color inspiration for this room was a combo I am loving right now -- dusty blue and brown. You'll see these color elements throughout, as well as a greys and creams to keep everything feeling light and fresh. The way this room turned out is, to me, the perfect balance between traditional and modern. It somehow feels timeless yet modern. The colors, textures and details are what, I believe, helped to achieve this usually-difficult balance.

Vintage vessels were the name of the game in dressing up these fireplace shelves. Although the fireplace was not designed by me, I knew we had to keep the shelves relatively minimal so as to keep the space from feeling too oppressive.

Vase | Art (unframed canvas, framed print by special order)

Greenery in vases was the one of the rooms final little details that really pulled it all together.

Reclaimed Wood Vases (similar) | Leather Magazine Holder (similar) |

All other vintage vessels sourced exclusively for Hackett House Studio clientele

This gorgeous creamy rug was a risk my client took (she was hoping for something a little more traditional), but I knew that with all of the other significant details in the room that we would need something relatively calm. This rug could not have been more perfect for the space -- it adds just the right amount of detail while still being a statement piece on its on. And, it's amazing soft underfoot! A huge win all-around.

The four chairs are no doubt the shining stars of this space, and what has gotten the most comments on the little sneak peaks I've share on instagram. Not only does the arrangement lend itself to long, loungy conversations with loved ones, but these babies also swivel giving them a little extra flare. They comfortable as all get out, and some of the most stylish pieces in the room.


Love this look but need help executing in your own home? Hackett House Studio is a full-service residential interior design studio. Using a combination of your exquisite taste and our creative know-how, we bring your vision of a beautiful and balanced home to life. Here at HHS, we use science-backed research to design carefully-styled spaces that have a positive influence on your health and wellbeing.

Our processes have been carefully refined so that we can fully appreciate our clients' personalities and aspirations from the outset. After gaining an understanding of your goals and wishes, we get to work creating functional interiors that enhance our clients' quality of life. HHS designs are timeless, elevated, approachable and, most importantly, a reflection of the beauty and opportunity you desire to bring into your life.

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