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Project Reveal | Chartwell Road

If you are a fan of before and afters, you are going to LOVE this post. Our Chartwell Road Project (also know as the #beautifulroomproject) has been in the works for over a YEAR. With furniture lead times what they are and a growing book of clientele, wrapping up a project to a fully-photographed state can be quite the endeavor. But this one absolutely needed to live permanently on the pages of the interwebs. Let's dive right in!

(P.S. If you're just here for the links, scroll to the bottom. No shame in that game!)

Interior Design and Photography: Hackett House Studio | Styling: Kailan Prouty

This project is special to me for one reason: my amazing clients. Not only were they the most wonderful people on the planet, but I think that designers sometimes understate the influence that their clients have on their projects (and I won't be making that mistake here). I may have pulled everything together, but this project was designed with my clients' amazing taste in mind every step of the way.

A two room project, our goal was to make the spaces cohesive but distinctive. This is a 1960s home, so there's no great room here! We wanted to embrace the "chopped up" style of the home while still making it feel like it all made sense. The living room needed to be a modern-day, formal conversation space. It needed to be elegant, but definitely not fussy. The dining room needed to be kid-friendly...but also adult-friendly at the same time. These might sound like impossible juxtapositions, but to me is was the perfect challenge and I knew we'd be able to come up with something amazing.

So... let's take a peek at the before photos!


It had grey walls, white trim, and terrible lighting.... but other than that, this home had GREAT bones. And, it was a blank slate. You literally can't ask for a better project than that. Without further ado, here's what it looks like now!


Chair | Sofa (fabric Chalk Heathered Weave) | Rug | Floor Lamp

Coffee table: To-the-trade only, email to purchase | Mirror | Sconces | Rug

Cabinet | Table Lamp | Sconces | Decor: Vintage (similar linked below)

Decor: Vintage (similar linked below)

Side Table | Sofa | Curtains (fabric #2 Ivory) | Curtain Rod | Curtain Rings (size large) | Pillows linked below)

Chairs | Art (custom framed 31x47) | Picture Light (24")

I have been told that this living room is very emotive for when people when they see it for the first time, and I understand why. It's filled with calming but impactful colors and textures. There is variety, but also cohesion, in the shapes and forms of the furniture and decor. Put it all together, and this room is inviting and cozy but still feels classy AF!


Chandelier | Rug | Buffet (similar) | Chairs (similar) | Art

Decor: Vintage (similar linked below)

This dining room is the perfect combination of timeless and trendy. In all of my designs, I try to guide my clients towards selecting furniture pieces that are going to outlast them (if they want them to). A classic wood table and carved wood buffet were just the right amount of rustic for this space. To balance it all out, the beaded chandelier adds the perfect amount of femininity. Since I know the power of decor, we were able to use accessories to really bring this space to life and make it feel Pinterest-worthy.

I could go on about this project forever, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. If you're looking for a link that wasn't mentioned above, it's either because the item is vintage...or because it's linked below! Let me know what questions you have about this project, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram and check out our reels so you can see dynamic videos that bring this space to life!

If you want to bring the Hackett House Studio magic into your homes, simply fill our our Project Inquiry Form at the bottom of this page. We'd love to work with you!


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