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Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Rattan?

It's true, my love of rattan runs deep. So deep, in fact, that sometimes I have to stop myself from reaching for yet another rattan accent or piece of furniture. For the sake of this very important question, let's consider that rattan is a synonym for almost any basket-like texture used in design. We're talking wicker, cane, basketweave and even (in some cases) bamboo. To me, rattan is any natural element with that warm, natural aesthetic that feels simultaneously coastal yet refined. So, without further ado, let's take look at some rattan-riddled rooms, and break them down to determine...

Is there such a thing as too much rattan?!

First up, a picture I came across on my Explore page on Instagram (it's like the algorithm knows me). First of all wow. Just... wow! I mean, this is the quintessential starting point when considering how much rattan is too much rattan, and Sylvia basically answers the question for us. If this isn't evidence that you can't overdo it, I don't know what is. BUT, before we move on, let's point out a few very important things:

  1. This look is incredibly monochromatic. Sylvia works this aesthetic like a magician, but it only works if you're into. (And I am very much into it.)

  2. Just because there is a rattan explosion happening here, the textures are placed against an incredibly minimal backdrop. If you're going to go overboard on any one texture, color, or feature... the rest HAS to fade into the background.

  3. There's still a surprising amount of beneficial contradiction in this room. The bold stripes on the rug and the sharp corners of the tables and chairs are balanced with a piece of squiggly (technical term) abstract art. An incredibly modern pendant lamp is paired with an ornate, traditional ceiling medallion. I could go on, but you get the point; the balance plays out in the details.

Next up for consideration is this table styling by Jessi Eve. While I LOVE this image, I use it as a reminder that rattan can get very boho very fast. If that's the look you're going for, great! If not, you need to balance your rattan and wicker pieces with accents that are more modern. Tassels, grasses, and mustard hues are what gives this space its boho flair. To make it a little less eclectic and to balance it out, I would've carefully added in some modern decor and stuck with cooler colors.

Last but not least, I use this picture NOT as an argument that you can overdo it on rattan, but that you can just outright do rattan wrong. While I can see some potential in this patio set, it's largely just outdated.

Well, what do you think? Has your love of rattan grown or wained? If you're still on the rattan bandwagon like me, shop some of my favorite pieces below. Happy styling!

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