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Hackett House Studio Holiday Home Tour

Our Holiday Home Tour 2021 is here! Check out how I styled my home for the season. Links included!

Well whatd'ya know, it's almost Christmas! I've been so busy that I was a little late getting my decor up, but I finally got around to it (on the inside, anyway). I think holiday decorating really brings out the bipolar designer in me. I am so into a rustic, cottagey vibe but I also can't help but get a little excited about a glam look, too. The best part about Christmas decor is you don't have decide between the two - you can literally have both!

I've tried to link as many items as I can in this post, but I've held on to a lot of my Christmas decor for over ten years, so some of it is no longer available. I also try to buy most things locally, but I will link similar items you can find on the web! If something isn't linked and you need a source, leave me a message on Instagram, leave a comment below, or email me at

I like to keep my Christmas decor pretty minimal, with just a few touches scattered around. My biggest statement pieces this year were two of the fifteen-foot faux garlands from the Studio McGee Target collection. This is my first year using faux, and I might be hooked. I love real garland for a lot of reasons but I can't stand it because of two incredibly irritating factors. . First, you can spray it with all of the wilt-proof you want, that sh*t (pardon my french) is still going to dry out and get crispy. Dragging a dry, crispy garland out of your house on December 26th is just annoying and not fun. And, second, the expense! I get that it's beautiful, but for the time being it's just not a cost I need to incur every year. To go along with this, I talk a lot about sustainable home design on this page, and although real garland is compostable/recyclable, there are still environmental impacts in the form of labor, shipping, disposing, etc. So, for now, I'm going to use these fauxs for the next couple of years and minimize my impact while also saving myself money and extra work!

When we have our annual Holiday get-together this weekend, I will add fairy lights to just about everyyyythang - it's how I roll. :) You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see the "after dark" version of this tour. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Pillows: McGee & Co, Lamp: Jungalow for Target

Items pictured about were sourced locally from The Plant Gays (plant), Bliss Home Market (wood riser), and Penn & Beech (candle).

With Love,


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*Affiliate Link Disclaimer* Hey friend! Here's the skinny: when I post links to products, they are usually affiliate links. This means I get a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you purchase something through one of my links. Every product I share is something I love and, in many cases, is something I've bought for either myself or for clients. It's one the ways we keep HHS running, and why I'm so grateful you choose to read my blog! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for shopping with me and leave me a comment below to let me know if you're enjoying your purchases!

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