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Earth Day is This Thursday! Here are Four Columbus Companies (or Creators) You Need to Know About

I believe that we all have the ability to improve the planet via the choices we make everyday. The impact that good interior design can have on a person's health and sense of well-being can be astounding, and I am passionate about helping people create spaces that make them feel calm and balanced. However, this can also be a very consumerist industry which is why I feel a strong responsibility to do everything I can to educate and offset the potential for negative environmental impacts. Since Earth Day is this Thursday, I will be sharing environmentally conscious content all week that will inspire you to shop sustainably and make better choices in your home and, hopefully, in your lives!

Today I'm featuring some local Columbus businesses and content creators who are doing the MOST to help the planet. Check them out below!

Photo: Bird & Rose via Koko Shop

Koko Shop is refillery and sustainably-minded homewares store that provides you with convenient resources to live more sustainably. Don't be intimidated by their refillery-style shopping experience -- the gals at Koko will set you up with everything you need to start reducing waste and using more earth-friendly, toxin-free home products. Shop at Koko on Earth day and receive a free plant fiber loofah and travel sized shower bar!

SISTAIN is an online marketplace and expansive educational resource that was created to help guide those interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle through conscious consumerism. They believe that change can be created through everyday decisions to support conscious brands that are operating with sustainable or circular methods of design, production, and manufacturing processes. In an era of misinformation and misunderstanding, SISTAIN seeks to bring the right, true, and helpful information to light. Be sure to check out their library of educational articles on their website, and don't miss their Earth Day promotion to receive 20% off with discount code EARTHDAY20.

Photo via

Swoon Columbus is THE source for vintage, secondhand rugs in Columbus. Not only are vintage rugs all the rage in the design world right now, but they're significantly more sustainable than their mass-produced counterparts. Tabi has a keen eye for bold, high-quality vintage rugs that add life to any space, while also doing good for the planet. She also recently added sustainable home decor to her catalog -- check them out online or make an appointment to shop their studio in person.

Aimee is an amazing, eco-friendly content creator, activist and social media guru. Her blog and Instagram are filled to the BRIM with tips to live a more sustainable lifestyle, including tons of great information on how to eliminate plastics from your life, host an eco-friendly bachelorette party, and MUCH more. Check her out on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all of the earth-day happenings around Columbus such as tree plantings, cleanups and more. You can also use her discount code, AIMEE, to receive 20% at Earth Hero.

I'll be sharing more companies, promotions and resources throughout the week, so be sure to check back! I'll also be sharing posts about how to remain eco-conscious throughout home designs or renovations, as well as the importance of biophilic design. Make sure to follow @hacketthousestudio on Instagram so you don't miss a post!

Hackett House Studio is a full-service, residential interior design company based in Columbus, Ohio. We believe that your home should reflect both who you are and who you want to be. Our services help you elevate your lifestyle and bring an element of prosperity to your every day life. We create homes which are sanctuaries that inform a brighter state of mind and perpetuate a calm and balanced consciousness. We believe that a well-designed home can be created with informed sustainability and environmental awareness, creating a timeless end result worthy of daily gratitude. To work with us, review our services page or contact us at

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