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Do You Need 3D Renderings for Your Home Renovation Project?

living room rendered in sketchup 3d using photrealistic rendering software, bellini sofa, modern chandeleir, black windows, limestone fireplace
Living Room Photorealistic Rendering by Hackett House Studio

There are so many things you have to consider when embarking on a large-scale home renovation (or new build) project. From what trades to hire, to how much you want to spend, to all of the functional and aesthetic details that need to be considered. As you're working your way through the process of building your dream team of home professionals, you will want to consider what services those trades offer that are going to make your life (and your interiors project) that much easier. At Hackett House Studio, we consider 3D Renderings to be one of the most robust tools to help us communicate design intent and to work through the minute details of a space in a to-scale model prior to beginning any major construction.

Although they aren't appropriate for every project, 3D renders have been a game changer in the design industry for the last few years. Being able to provide homeowners with a to-scale, high-quality 3D images of their finished space gives them confidence that they are making the right decisions with their home and investment.

Here are five reasons you may want to consider hiring a designer who offers 3D renderings if you are embarking on a large-scale home project in 2023. If all of these, or even just one of them, applies to you and your project, 3D renders will be a major value-add and provide an incredible amount of peace of mind.

Three upper kitchen cabinets options for this Upper Arlington, Ohio kitchen

Kitchen design and renderings by Hackett House Studio


If you have trouble making decisions

Let's be real - some of us know exactly what want before we even see it, and others have to consider all angles of a decision before pulling the trigger. And that's okay! But if you're on the latter side of that spectrum, 3D renders are going to be your best friend. Renderings can you show multiple different layouts of a space in one, single video file or picture. However, don't expect to see more than two or three options for any given space or area. A good designer will use their expertise to narrow your choices down to the best two or three and share them with you so that you can make a decision without being overwhelmed with too many options.


If you're not one of those people who can "visualize it in their head"

If you're generally a more right-brained person, then creative visualization is probably pretty easy for you. But if you're more left-brained, a tangible and visual representation of design intent is going to be what you need to be able to feel confident in your renovation decisions. Not only do 3D renderings provide you with imagery that will show you what the finished work will look like, but it will help you envision how you want to use the space and potentially help you make changes prior to construction that you otherwise would not have.


If your space has many complicated and permanent architectural features that need to be worked around

Some homes, especially older homes, are downright complicated. Even if you're working with a talented architect, there are some instances in which a wall or fireplace or other permanent architectural feature cannot be moved and you'll have to work around it. 3D renderings give you the ability to do this digitally before you make any mistakes you can't undo.


If you are someone who likes to have multiple options before committing to one

Let's say you are a good decision maker, you just like to have your options. That's great, and it's definitely the right mindset to have when it comes to home projects! When it comes to kitchen cabinetry layouts, for example, there are so many different styles and design features that you may want to consider that you probably would not have been able to explore without the help of renderings. We love giving our clients highly detailed and stylized versions of their projects in 3D so that we can share our love of details from the start.

Living Room Photorealistic Rendering by Hackett House Studio


If you are someone who values due diligence and taking the time to "get things right"

Home projects aren't cheap, and they can be even more expensive when mistakes are made or decisions need to be reversed. There generally isn't a single happy person on a home renovation project when something needs redone simply because it was completed in haste. Although 3D renderings do add a little bit of time to the front end of your project, the time and money they will save throughout the construction phase will more than make up for this. Taking the time to do it right means working with a designer who is going to hash out the small nuances of your home digitally prior to construction so that your contractor can make the best decisions possible while in the execution phase.

At Hackett House Studio, we offer 3D renderings on all projects that include kitchen and/or bath renovations. Typically, we find that it's not as important to utilize 3D renderings when doing a furnishings-and-decor only project, but it's something we can include in our pricing for these projects if our clients think it will be valuable.

If you have a home renovation, new build or furnishings project you're looking to embark on in 2023, fill out our Project Inquiry Form to get the ball rolling. Once we receive your submission, we'll send you a link to schedule an initial phone call where can discuss the details of your project, your needs, and our pricing. Projects are taken on a first-come-first-served basis, and we are only able to take on a limited number of projects per year. So don't delay, contact us today!


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