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Dare to be Different | How to Create Home Interiors as Unique as You Are

Hackett House Studio is featured in the Summer Issue of the new Refined - a 614 Magazine!

bedroom with neutral light brown paint, woven roman shades, light linen headboard, textured table lamp, shadowbox side table, morrocan rug
"The Brown Room" | Interior Design: Hackett House Studio

"Dare to be Different" | Written for (614) Refined Magazine


by Erin Hackett

When I think about what “home” means to me, I think about words like love, comfort and safety. These things are at the core of what every home should be. But I also believe that our homes are extensions of ourselves; our chance to outwardly express our sense of style and the uniqueness of our individual characters. Just like no two people are the same, no two homes should be the same, either.

Creating a home that is uniquely yours should be a joyous process and involve a bit of self-discovery:

  • First, consider your lifestyle by prioritizing the elements that resonate with your true sense of "home." If you have a formal living room but you don't entertain frequently, try turning that room into a Morning Room; an ultra relaxing, spa-like space where you can perform a peaceful morning routine for a harmonious start to your day.

  • Next, donate any superfluous decor items replacing them with sentimental items that elicit warm feelings. Take, for example, a toy car model meticulously crafted by my dad, which now adorns my bookshelves and never fails to bring a smile to my face whenever I catch sight of it.

  • Enhancing your home with artistic elements, such as sculptures or new light fixtures, can leave a lasting impression. Consider adding vintage Turkish pots for texture and visual appeal. Opt for custom pieces from talented artists on platforms like Etsy to make a bold statement.

Interior Designer Erin Hackett, owner and principal of Hackett House Studio

Creating unique, never-been-done spaces comes with its own set of challenges; it requires time and patience. You have to be willing to explore new ideas, and to be open to discovering new materials and new methods of application. This approach to interior design is addicting: once you open your mind to the world of possibilities in your home, your biggest problem will be having enough space to implement them all. Things like hand-painted tile become a gateway drug to the world of statement stone slabs, and the discovery of bespoke textiles opens up the irresistible urge to refinish the vintage, heirloom furniture that’s been sitting in your grandparents’ garage for ages.

As a Columbus native, I pride myself on collaborating with local vendors who share my passion for embracing the extraordinary:

  • Classico Tile has hand-painted and zellige tiles that can't be found in any of the big box stores.

  • OHM International is a fantastic visit for those looking for unique and hard-to-find stone slabs.

  • In-Home Concepts is my go-to source for striking cabinetry hardware.

  • Textile designer Virginia Kraft Textiles creates gorgeous fabrics for adding those soft finishes that make a home feel warm and inviting.

A warm and inviting primary bath concept featuring calacatta viola tile from Cle Tile, encaustic hand-painted cement tile from Exquisite Surfaces, and textiles from Virginia Kraft and Zak & Fox
A warm and inviting primary bath concept featuring Calacatta Viola tile from Cle Tile, encaustic hand-painted cement tile from Exquisite Surfaces, and textiles from Virginia Kraft and Zak & Fox

That beautiful kitchen or living room you fell in love with on Pinterest will be even more beautiful when you put your own unique touches on it, and the process of creating that space can be equally as enchanting. Whatever your project or home update you’re working on, I implore you this: dare to be different.

"The Brown Room" | Interior Design: Hackett House Studio



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