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Anatomy of a Design - Design Shop Interiors

Happy Thursday, everyone! If you've been following along on Instagram, you know that this has been a tough week for me and my family. My dad was hospitalized over a week ago and it's been nothing short of challenging, heart-wrenching and downright scary. The new challenges presented in a hospital setting due to Covid-19 are immense. I've had a front row seat this week to see just how amazing our health-care workers are and it's true what they say -- they really are heroes. As this is posted, things are starting to look up and we are so grateful for the wonderful care of all of the amazing nurses and doctors at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. Now, we just have to get that guy checked out of the hospital and on the road of recovery so that he can walk me down the aisle in 23 days! (Yes, I'm getting married that soon! And now you understand one of the reasons this situation has been so stressful.... oy...)

Although I've had to pause much of my social media content, I wanted to take this opportunity to dive back into one of my favorite blog series: Anatomy of a Design. This isn't my most-read series, in fact in doesn't perform well at all. However, I love it because it gives me a chance to really slow down and analyze a design. And the people who do read it tend to love it too. There are so many places to get design inspiration these days but oftentimes we scroll by things waaaay too fast. If you've ever embarked on a home a renovation and realized that you don't know what you like after all, it's because you consume tons of images every day but you never slow down to actually think about what you like about them. This series does just that -- it slows your scroll!

Today, I want to take a look at a bathroom I've come back to time-and-time again. And you guys... this is a GOOD one. I discovered Design Shop Interiors about a year ago and have been obsessed with their work ever since. First of all, they are super gracious on social media. Why does that matter? Because the design world can be a place of snobbery and highfalutin attitudes. So when I come across a designer that's kind and friendly, I get excited to support their work.

I also love how their designs teeter on the border between design-forward and altruistic. As an interior designer, you are inundated with images of daringly creative design work day-in and day-out. After a while, things that a normal person would think are design risks seem like second-nature to you. Therefore, one of the hardest parts about being a designer is that we're often required to dial things down for our clients so that our work is more palatable and easier to digest. The biggest challenge we face in our line of work is striking that balance between creating work that is fresh, new and creative (i.e. the reason clients hire a designer in the first place) while also making sure it's functional and practical. Design Shop Interiors are actual wizards at this. So let's dive right into one of their amazing primary bathrooms!

Consistent Materials Throughout

Although I love the look of mixed metals, the choice to use brass throughout in this bathroom is working beautifully. Brass knobs, brass light fixtures, brass plumbing fixtures - even brass hinges on the shower door! This intentional decision creates so much warmth and consistency. Furthermore, it's echoed in the consistency of the wood tones. Wood trim on windows is not as common these days, but it is certainly beautiful and creates an encore of warmth and comfort throughout this space.

Cool Tones Mixed with Warm Tones

A word you're going to hear me use a lot with this design is balance. With all of the warmth provided by the natural wood elements and brass accents, there had to be a component to cool things down just a tad. The grey floor tile (which has just a hint of warmth to it) and the white walls are certainly doing a lot of that work, but don't overlook the details! The beautiful grey fabric on the vanity chair and grey flecks in the countertops are keeping this bathroom from looking like a cliche Tuscan kitchen from the 90s (which is a very good thing).

Large Scale Floor Tile

There is just something so luxurious about large-scale floor tiles in a bathroom. I love the way they emphasize the size of this space. Since there is a lot texture happening in this design, I love that they kept the tiles simple and minimal but still impactful. A contemporary square floor tile pairs perfectly with and accents a traditional brick lay wall tile for an amazing balance of pattern and material.

Contemporary Style Tile Tub with Transitional Vanities

Echoing the last point, it's the mix of design styles that makes this space so interesting. To me, this is where Design Shop really excelled at striking the balance between design-forward and altruistic. The mixing of design styles keeps the space interesting but also brings a sense of familiarity to the overall aesthetic. A tub in a more contemporary, sleek shape pairs perfectly with a transitional vanity.

Beautiful Styling

I couldn't let this post go by without mentioning the beautiful styling. The turkish towels in a gorgeous warm stripe are the perfect added detail. The minimal and thoughtful countertop and tub accoutrements provide jus the right amount of interest. And don't even get me started on the amazing florals! In design, styling is like icing on the cake, and who would want to eat cake without icing?! These small details emphasize the other design elements I've pointed out and bring the space together, making it feel finished and complete.

I could go on forever about this gorgeous bathroom. What is your favorite element of this design? What did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

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19 sept 2021

Incredible explanation and summary of design. Your passion and talent is inspiring. I truly hope you continue to share your Anatomy of a Design files. They break down style and design information into easily understandable bite size pieces - while offering quality example images and descriptive design vocabulary.

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