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2023 Interior Design Trends - Shades of Purple (Part 2 of 4)

Four Budding Interior Design Trends I'm Planning to Put my Spin on This Year

Interior Styling: Hackett House Studio | A vintage grape print looks perfectly prepared for fall framed in vintage oak and paired with terracotta vase

Interior Design: Hackett House Studio

A vintage grape print looks perfectly prepared for fall framed in vintage oak and paired with terracotta vase.

Interior Design: Hackett House Studio | A brown, mauve and plum bedroom

Welcome back, friends! This post is part two of four where I'm sharing my favorite budding design trends for 2023. I'm particularly excited about this one, because this color has been a sleeper for some time and we are starting to see it sneak back in the most elegant of ways. We're talking about purple, people! True story, I used to say purple was my favorite color when I was growing up. Today, I know I'm much too fickle to commit to one "favorite" color but I will say that these shades have a very special place in my heart.

Design: Lucy William | Source

A mauve hallway pairs well with terracotta tiles and a burgundy stair rail.


Purple is one of those colors that you have to be a little bit careful with -- using the wrong shade or even too much of the right shade can go very wrong very fast. For Fall 2023, I'm focusing on purple in muted mauve, aubergine and plum tones. I also love a purple that's borderline red, like mink, crimson or plum. Muted is the key word here. In interior design (and in true color theory) a muted tone is just one that is "undersaturated." This can mean a primary or secondary color is mixed with white, brown, green, blue or black to change the potency and vibrancy of the shade. Muted tones are more cozy, they feel easier-on-the-eyes, and they are more prevalent in nature. Using undersaturated versions of your favorite colors is a great way to use color in your home in a way that is timeless and classic, and not something you'll get bored of looking at in a few short weeks or months.

For fall 2023, we're loving a beautiful muted shade of plum or mauve paired with a more red shade of terracotta or crimson. The close relationship to these shades on the color wheel makes this pairing feel tonal and fresh. Scroll through for some of our favorite purple inspiration photos of the moment!

Image via Studio DIY | Source

A purple tiled shower stall.

Design: Studio Gild | Source

A mauve velvet sofa plays well with dark browns, taupe and ivory tones.

Image via Pinterest

Rich purple-toned wallas are brought down to earth with a reclaimed countertop and natural stone sink.

Design; Jeremiah Brent | Source

Purple tones exist in nature, too! Like in this bordeaux Calacatta Vagli Rosatto marble waterfall island.

Art: Carolyn Misterek | Source

Tile: Cle Tile | Source

A bold-hued zellige tile from Cle would make for a seriously daring statement bathroom.

Design: Heidi Callier | Source

Sofas that are such a muted purple, they might almost be brown (almost).

Design: Heidi Callier | Source

Again, more bold hues of deep purple are paired with terracotta, proving it a winning combination.

Design: Colin King Studio | Source

Eggplant walls in a vertical tongue and groove make for the coziest bedroom.

Ready to add shades of purple to your home? Tap through to shop our favorite finds from around the web!


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