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A Dedicated Work Place - Small Office Inspiration

small office with vintage painting and rattan chair
Design: Hackett House Studio (Product sources listed below)

About three months into working from home, I finally realized that quarantine was going to be more permanent than I had originally anticipated. At the beginning of the stay-at home order, I worked from anywhere -- my kitchen counter, patio table or, when I was I really lazy, my bed. However, I started to get the itch to have a dedicated place to do my work. In fact, as much as I loved working from home, I found myself missing the ritual of waking up at the same time every day, commuting thirty minutes with my coffee while listening to a podcast and arriving to an office -- a place where I knew, whether I was prepared or not, productivity was going to happen.

In his book, Think Like a Monk, author and former monk Jay Shetty describes how, at the monastery, there is no room that has a dual purpose. Monks do not eat in bed or sleep in their meditation rooms. Each space is carefully designated to fit a specific purpose, allowing the monk to be fully present in that space to fulfill whatever the purpose is. Our multi-tasking, technology-filled lifestyles have caused us to lose sight of the fact that our spaces influence our mood, motivation and ability to remain mindful. Without a dedicated space to complete my work, my motivation - and purpose - was draining quickly.

Although I have small house, I was able to clear a wall in our guest bedroom where I could set up a small office. There wasn't a lot of space, but the notion was perfect - I hardly ever went in that room except to change the sheets when we were going to have company. Although the desk technically shares a room with a bed, the purpose for me in this space is clear - it's where I work. Although I still give myself permission to work outside when the weather is nice, I do my best to segment anything that would be considered work into this space only.

You don't need a ton of space to create a "work zone" in your own home. A wall in a guest room, foyer, laundry room, hallway or basement will do just fine. I happily styled my desk with beautiful items that considered both form and function. The linen box on the desk hides all of my pens, mouse and other desk items when they aren't in use, and the closet next to the bed actually houses my printer, so it stays concealed and keeps the room uncluttered with rarely-used technology. I found the amazing artwork at a vintage shop, and used my favorite Rub n' Buff in antique gold to refinish the frame (but I'll link similar items below).

I hope you like this office space and that it inspires you to create a work sanctuary of your own. Below, I've included a few other beautiful small offices to inspire you. Enjoy!

Small Office Desk next to windows with cane chair adorned with beautiful lillies, Small office inspiration from pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Harlow James Desk next to window with cane chair, bust, and cute lamp!
Small office inspiration from pinterest with antique desk and chair and vintage art

Source: Pinterest

Desk in a library nook designed by Pufik Interiors featuring an antique desk and vintage chair

Shop Mix and Match Office Furniture:

For more small office inspiration, check out my Pinterest board!

Did you create an amazing home office you'd like to share? Leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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