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3 Things to Consider if You're Building or Renovating a Short-Term Beach Rental

At Hackett House Studio, we understand that your rental property is not just a short-term source of income, but a long-term investment. More than that, the short-term rental market is more competitive than ever. If you're in the midst of building or renovating a short term rental in a coastal location, there are three things to keep in mind that can significantly up your competitive edge.

The Elyse Retreat via VRBO | Rosemary Beach, FL

ONE | Aesthetics are Important

While this might seem obvious, too many property owners do not place enough emphasis on the look and feel of their rental. Yes, a nice crisp sofa and new toaster are great... but is your rental an actual destination in itself? Does it have an intentional ambience and a consistent look and feel? Today's travelers (especially millennials) are looking for memorable lodging and that means one thing: is it instagrammable?

According to AirBnB, "Millennials and Generation Z are projected to represent over 75% of the key consumer demographic by 2022 and will continue to shape the travel and tourism sector." Therefore, the secret to giving your property the strongest competitive edge is to focus on the design. Do you want your rental to be the definition of luxury? Or perhaps a haven of relaxation? Whatever you decide, determine the overall concept first and work creatively to make your space stand out visually. Working with an interior designer can make this process easier and ensure you're staying ahead of the trends while also protecting your long term investment.

TWO | Sustainability

More and more, consumers of the travel and tourism sector are choosing to travel with intention. Hotels and short-term rentals that are built with informed sustainability and environmental awareness are seeing exponential growth, and it's only going to go up from here. At Hackett House Studio, we understand the impact that being eco-conscious can have on our planet and on your bottom line. There are various ways to make your home more eco-friendly, but we suggest starting by finding a contractor or builder who is LEED certified. Sourcing furniture and decor that are made of renewable materials and sustainably sourced is equally as important, and why we tend to source from retailers and manufacturers that uphold these values.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your short-term rental is poor space planning. To avoid making these mistakes, start by thinking about who your ideal clientele will be. Are you looking to host mostly families with children? Then you should probably have a set of bunk beds (or two). However, marketing to families is going to mean that you need to be up to the challenge of making your space kid-friendly. This means no sharp edges and avoiding placing breakables on lower planes. If this isn't something you're up for, then limiting your beds to kings and queens will draw more of an adult crowd. If you're looking to avoid the younger, party-centric demographic, forgo items like pool tables or other large, expensive games and opt for a higher-end design aesthetic (and a higher nightly-rate).

Another common mistake in vacation properties is not including enough storage. Rentals tend to need just as many maintenance items as a standard home and therefor need adequate closets, shelving and cabinets to hide away the essentials.


We hope this simple list gave you plenty to think about for your upcoming or ongoing beach rental property. To learn more about the value that Hackett House Studio can add to your project, please submit an inquiry through our services page or email us at

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