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2022 Interior Design Trends

Design: Hackett House Studio | Photography: Hackett House Studio

It is the first week of a new year, and oh boy and I'm raring to go! I'm so excited for new projects this year and where Hackett House Studio is headed as a business. I'm also excited to create this year, and that brings us to the subject of today's blog post! Last year, one of my most popular blogs was 2021 Kitchen Trends and Where They'll Go From Here. I think people love talking about trends for two reasons. First, as humans, we love to see things evolve. The natural evolution of trends keeps our eyes on the future and keeps things feeling fresh and new. And second, because it opens our eyes to new possibilities and cracks open our creative mindset.

Before we get into the trends, let me explain a little bit about how I think trends are born and the progression of their lifestyle. (If you're not into all that, scroll down to be taken directly to the goods). To do that, let's look at an example of a really popular trend that has dominated the last twenty (or more) years. You all know it, and you probably have it in your home (I do!). It is (drum roll please).... grey walls and white trim! First things first, let's talk about just how long this look as been around. In terms of the lifecycle of a design trend, twenty years is a looooong time! If I told you today to paint your walls white instead of grey, and that you wouldn't have to paint them again for twenty years, wouldn't you jump for joy?! Most people would! To the masses, a design trend that has staying power is celebrated because, let's face it, making changes to our home in the form of renovations is difficult, costly and time consuming. (Side note: this is why working with an interior designer is so beneficial! We can keep you from making critical renovation and build decisions that are going to be out-of-style by tomorrow.)

So where did grey walls and white trim come from? Well it's hard to say exactly who was the first person to do this, but we do know what came before it. Creamy walls and oak trim, anyone? Oooph. That look gives me PTSD. If you've been house hunting recently, you know that there's still a LOT of this out there, even though it so clearly dated-looking. So why is this? Well, again, home renovations are HARD, and sometimes it's easier to just stick with what we know.

Okay, so where am I going with all of this? Don't worry! I'm getting to the point. The thing to keep in mind when it comes to design trends is that you are going to have some that are short-lived (think 3-10 years), some that are long-lived (think 15-25 years), and some that are timeless. Typically, things that are short-lived are things like trendy decor items (cane is one that's hot right now) or trendy fabrics (like boucle, which is definitely having a moment). Long-lived trends are things like extremely palatable paint colors (back to the grey walls and white trim) and general shapes of furniture (i.e. rounded versus straight arms, etc). When we think about trends that are truly timeless in the design world, we're talking about hardwood floors (although the "in" color changes from time to time), Turkish or Persian rugs, linen drapes, marble countertops, millwork and crown molding, and architectural details like beams and arches.

Okay, now that we've established a few ground rules for trends, I'll explain roughly why I've picked the items below. When I'm identifying trends, I'm not just looking at what's popular, but also at how things are evolving. In general, we're seeing a massive shift from cooler tones (goodbye grey) to warmer tones (hello creamy whites, beiges and browns). Sustainability is on the rise and consumerism is on the decline, so we're seeing shifts from "new-everything" to the incorporation of a ton more vintage. People are using what they have instead of wiping the slate totally clean, meaning you're seeing the emergence of delicately mixed design styles instead of staunchly sticking to one aesthetic. That's why the first three trends I've listed below will most likely be long-lived trends that will dominate the next 15-25 years.

But I can't ignore talking about things that are definitely design trends that are just budding, and that might end up being more short lived. That's where trend number four comes in. The introduction of new shapes is a great way to modernize your look. It's also easy to do with easily replaceable decor items, and not items that require major renovations to update. There's also usually subtle evolutions in how traditional items are used, which is where number five comes into play. Without further ado, lets get into the design trends that are going to dominate 2022 an d beyond!

2022 Interior Design Trends

Number 1: Brown & Dark Wood Tones

Can a color be a trend?! Absolutely! This color is about to absolutely blow up. You're starting to see it in the form of darker wood tones on floors, furniture and cabinetry. But you'll see a lot more brown layered in in other places as well, from rugs, to sofas, to decor, etc. Here are some of my favorite images showing the power and appeal of this warm, moody color.

Design: Jean-Louis Deniot | Source

Design: Studio Thomas | Source

Number 2: Traditional Meets Modern

Mixing trends is nothing new, and it is my opinion that the best designers have been doing this for years! (This is largely where the "transitional" design style got it's name, it's traditional in transition.) However, in stead of furniture pieces that are designed to look both a little bit modern and a little traditional, we're starting to see the emergence of staunchly traditional features juxtaposed to with strikingly modern or contemporary pieces. It's refreshing, and somehow feels incredibly timeless.

Design: ACV Interiors | Source

Design: Perspective Studio | Source

Design: Leann Ford | Source

Number 3: Vintage and Antique Everything

Make no mistakes, this is a far departure from the faux rustic and faux aged pillars of the farmhouse era. Now, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of over consumption and are leaning into vintage and secondhand goods like never before. Avid vintage shoppers have long known the benefit of using aged, patinated elements in their homes. Not only is it better for the planet, but these items feel like treasures that are unique and not mass produced. We're starting to see vintage items creep up in every room in the home, and adorned on every surface.

Design: Moore House | Source

Design: Jana Roach | Source

Number 4: Squiggle Shapes

Sometimes, it just takes a small adjustment to make a big impact! A feminine, curved line is hardly revolutionary, but when used in new ways it breathes fresh life into stale aesthetics.

Design: Yond Interiors | Source

All images via Ferm Living | Source

Number 5: Pendants Hung Low

Trends are not just reserved for completely "new" ideas, it can also be as simple as using common items in new ways! Pendants are getting hung lower, bringing them closer to eye level and upping the moodiness level of the light they emit. Although this look won't be for everyone, it's a good reminder to make sure we're constantly rethinking traditions and thinking outside of the standard design "rules."

Design: Lauren Nelson Design | Source

Design: April Tomlin Interiors | Source


What do you think of these design trends? Do you love them? Hate them? Remember, some of them are just getting started, and won't reach the mainstream for years. By that time, it is likely that they will be distilled and modified for ways that are palatable to the masses. If you're embarking on a home renovation or build this year, it might be a good idea to incorporate some of these ideas so that you're ahead of the trends! To engage Hackett House Studio's help with your new build or renovation, visit our Services page and complete our Project Inquiry Form.

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