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Casual living room with brass ceiling light, modern decor and a wabi sabi vibe by Hackett House Studio Interior Design

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Erin Hackett, Owner and Principal Designer at Hackett House Studio Interior Design Upper Arlington Ohio
Entry design with custom steel doors by Hackett House Studio Interior Design Columbus Ohio

from left:


Owner, Principal Designer


Director of Operations



Based in Columbus, Ohio, our wellness-based, full-service interior design services help homeowners achieve the coveted balance of accessible luxury and unparalleled comfort.


Using your vision as our inspiration, we hand-design, hand-select, and hand-place every detail of your space. From concept to completion, Hackett House Studio works with one goal in mind: designing a house that you love to call home.



If there’s one thing that every Hackett House Studio project shares, it’s that they are beautifully full of personality. 

You deserve a home that feels like you. Our custom interior design services rely on unique and original concepts for every project. We will never rely on trends or popular aesthetics to design your home. 

We invest time at the beginning of every project to better understand who you are and how you want to live in your space. From curves to straight edges, to dark tones over light, to patterns and preferences, we ask a lot of questions to help shape the form, function, and flow of your space. 

Butler's pantry design with creamy white cabinets by Hackett House Studio Interior Design Columbus Ohio
Construction documentation by Hackett House Studio Interior Design Upper Arlington Ohio



Without consistent and powerful communication, there is no satisfied client. We know that the core of a successful project is being clear on expectations, honest about the process, and exact in our decisions. 

Our construction documentation, 3D renderings, and material & product specification binders set us apart from other design firms. We rely on drawings and sketches to help us “fail fast”: that is, we use visuals to ensure that everyone is working towards the same end result. Drawings create clarity, and we refer to them consistently throughout the project. 

Drawings and renderings are shared with the entire team, including trades, architects, and contractors. Together, we review the project specifications in detail to eliminate guesses and impromptu decisions in favor of confident project execution. 



With thousands of hard and soft finish options available on the market, we pride ourselves on our ability to source and select the best of the best. When working with us, we bring you options from our meticulously curated collection of finishes for your home. Our bespoke selections include personally sourced, high-quality options for: 

Wall Coverings
Plumbing Fixtures
Fireplace Surrounds
Stone Slabs (counters and surfaces)
...and much more!

Neutral primary bath design with marble floors by Hackett House Studio Interior Design New Albany Ohio
Formal living room design with high-end finishes by Hackett House Studio Interior Design Bexley Ohio


Hackett House Studio manages everything from project timelines, to budgets, to installation and documentation. Because clients often treat home projects as investments, we prioritize budgeting and transparent pricing as a non-negotiable aspect of our work for the duration of the project. While we may advise of areas in which you can save money, we are not a lowest-price-possible vendor.

Our Fixtures-Furniture-Equipment (FFE) purchasing minimums ensure you understand the investment required to achieve your goals. The frequency of check-ins, meetings, and updates about your project can be adjusted depending on your preferred level of involvement.


We operate in a mode of “no surprises”: we do not want you to be unsure about your budget, unclear about the project’s progress, or unconvinced of the value of the services provided.


  • Our full-service design projects are billed in a simple way: $150/hour

  • Before we officially launch your project as a Hackett House Studio client, you will receive a clear estimate of the number of hours we believe the project will take to help you properly plan for our time working together.

  • A 50% deposit of your estimate is required to begin work. Most projects require a larger investment of time at the beginning to create a smooth process and picture-perfect finish.

Powder bath design with luxe wallpaper and millwork Hackett House Studio Interior Design Bexley Ohio
Luxurious living room design by Hackett House Studio Interior Design New Albany, Ohio


Hackett House Studio is a licensed retailer in the state of Ohio. As such, we handle 100% of the Fixtures-Furniture-Equipment (FFE) purchases for your project.


The benefits of the FFE model are significant:

  • Eliminates an immense amount of paperwork and logistics in the ordering and delivery coordination process

  • Includes detailed inspection of every delivered item and the return of any incorrect or damaged good

  • Organizes all expenses into two-to-four invoices from Hackett House Studio for easy budget management


We are happy to accept credit card payments without a fee, which gives you the opportunity to maximize credit card point and reward programs.



Before a room becomes a perfectly styled haven in your home, it begins as a very intimidating stack of delivered goods. Our team organizes your purchases and coordinates with you to find the right day and time to make the big move to your space.


Each piece gets the Hackett House Studio personalized touch: we safely remove every tag, polish every surface, position rugs and runners, put pillows in cases and sheets on beds, and clean up every scrap of evidence.


At the end of your project, we will arrange professional photography for our portfolio. Then, we turn it all back over to you and celebrate as you enjoy the beginning of life after Hackett House Studio!

Kitchen design with marble countertops by Hackett House Studio Interior Design Upper Arlington, Ohio


Hackett House Studio is a full-service interior design studio located in Upper Arlington, OH. We provide interior design services in Upper Arlington OH. Interior design services in Dublin, OH. Interior Design Services in New Albany, OH. Interior design services in Bexley, Ohio. Interior Design services in Columbus, Ohio. Interior Design Services in Powell, Ohio. Interior Design Services in Johnstown, Ohio. Interior Design Services in Blacklick, Ohio. 

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