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Questions we've received from clients through the years. If there is something you're curious about, please reach out!


I've never worked with a designer before, what should I expect?

Interior designers bring an incredible amount of expertise, creativity and organization to your project. At Hackett House Studio, we have carefully crafted systems and processes that were designed to bring out your project's fullest potential with transparency and ease. A designer serves as both your project's creative quarterback and project manager, ensuring that you are left with a beautiful end result and investment you are truly proud of.


How do you charge?

Our full service design projects are characterized by two phases. Phase 1 consists of the "Design Phase." This is billed via a flat fee based on the project scope. Phase 2 is the "Execution Phase." This is billed at a rate of $150 per hour for our ongoing project management services.

Concierge Interior Styling services are billed at our hourly rate of $250/hour. 


Can we use some of our existing furniture and decor pieces in our project if we work with you?

Absolutely! We love incorporating your treasured pieces, especially if they are heirlooms or antiques. Keep in mind, however, that the more original pieces you ask to incorporate the less impact we are able to have in transforming your space. We may ask you to only keep items that are either sentimental in value or family heirlooms that cannot (and should not) be discarded.


We have worked together in the past and now I need help on another room, investment property or second home. Can we hire you again?

Absolutely! Many of our clients are repeat customers and we are always delighted to continue our relationship. Although our fees may have changed, we always give priority in our scheduling pipeline to returning clients. 


How do I make the most out of working with a designer?

Our best clients understand that our working relationship is like being on a team; it requires flexibility and dedication on both sides. Interior design projects require an immense amount of effective, timely and professional communication to be successful. Our processes are designed to make your experience more enjoyable, and therefore we try as much as possible to make sure we don't veer from them. Trusting your designer's vision and process is key to having a great relationship. We work so closely with our clients that we often end up becoming very good friends!


Do you charge for an initial consultation?

All of our services include a complementary 30 or 60 minute phone call to determine whether we're going to be the right fit for each other. We charge a $500 fee for initial consultations on full-service design projects, which is then credited to the project's balance upon contract signing. There are no other fees associated with Full Service Design or Concierge Interior Styling that haven't been outlined above.  For local projects of a large size and scope, we will waive the fee for initial consultations at our discretion.


Do you provide 3D Renderings?

Full service design projects will always include design concept boards, 2D visual representations of your space, scaled elevations and scaled furniture layouts. 3D Renderings are provided for areas with hard finishes, such as kitchen and bathrooms. We also provide your architect, contractor or builder with all of the necessary construction documentation to fulfill the design vision.


*Please note: designer elevations and layouts are conceptional in nature and should not be used for determining building specs or in place of drawings provided by an accredited architect.


What size projects do you typically take on?

This varies by the type service. Typically, projects in the following categories look something like this:

Full Service Design (includes new builds, renovations, and furnishings-only projects)

Full furnishings and decor for two or more rooms​

Furniture and decor budget of $20,000+ per room, with additional capital available for construction if needed.

Local and remote projects accepted

Typical project timelines include 6 months to 2+ years from conception to completion​

Concierge Interior Styling

Designed for smaller projects, the projects in this category vary by a client's needs. Your designer will discuss budget ranges, timeline and scope with you after learning more about your needs


Do you charge a markup on products?

Our clients pay retail price or less on all new home furnishings and decor.* We often pay wholesale prices on the goods we procure and therefore we do earn a margin on the resale of those products. This is how we we are compensated for the time it takes to source, order, procure, track,  receive, inspect and inventory the goods in your project. Whenever we can, we try to provide a discount between 10%-15% off retail price to our clients. ​

*Antique and vintage items take more time to source and are harder to ship and receive than new furnishings and decor. Therefore, we do occasionally charge a mark up of 20% to 30% on antique and vintage goods.


I saw something I want to purchase on your Instagram, can I order through you?

Typically, yes! Many of the items we use in projects are to-the-trade only, meaning you must go through a designer, architect or contractor to purchase. Any items that are available through local retailers are shared via our Shop LTKBlog, or Shop page on our website. If you are having trouble locating and item we've posted, please email us at and we can assist you.

Not sure which service is right for you?
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